Texas Filmmakers Take Center Stage on April 20

SAN ANTONIO, — San Antonio-filmmakers JRAD Productions and Idle Time Cinema have announced that they will host the world premiere of their two new mini-films on Friday, April 20 from 7pm-9pm at Santikos Northwest, located in San Antonio, Texas.

The films, titled Cost Effective and Solomon’s Dilemma, showcase the unique vision of JRAD Productions and Idle Time Cinema owners, Michael L. Jackson and Jean-Paul Pagette, and features actors and crew members that hail from San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Cost Effective follows the story of Walter Bloom, a businessman, who between the occasional stock market trade, launders money for drug organizations. He is forever delusional that he is smartest person in the room and will always come out on top, no matter the odds. One night, during his monthly session with a (lady of the night) Samantha Ross, Walter sends in his chaperone/bodyguard Gary Tate, to flush out any potential witnesses of his late-night rendezvous, which sets the pieces on the board and starts the game in motion.

Solomon’s Dilemma follows Solomon Freeman, a young man growing up on the mean streets of east San Antonio, Texas. He is coming of age and faced with the choice of following in the family tradition – hustling to make ends meet. Solomon was on his way to repeating the cycle, when a life-changing event causes him to have a different outlook on life. Initially other members of the Freeman family resent him turning his back on the hustler lifestyle, except for his mother, Beverly Freeman, a single mother who also grew up hard, but is determined not to lose her sons to the streets.

Both films were written and directed by Jackson, who also is heavily involved in the pre-and post-production of his films, handling duties such as storyboarding, location and talent scouting, and film and audio editing. He expressed his excitement about the upcoming premieres.

Cost Effective and Solomon’s Dilemma have two distinct tones. Cost Effective is a dark comedy while Solomon’s Dilemma is a much heavier, more dramatic film,” Jackson said.

“We think the combination will make for potent viewing when audiences join us for their world premiere on April 20.”

Guests can expect a red carpet event, featuring many of the films’ stars and crew members. After the films’ debut, they will enter the film festival circuit in an effort to build awareness and potentially attract a distributor.

“We are in the business of building business,” said Jackson. “Our collaborative efforts have created additional jobs for local artists, photographers, camera operators and other essential crew members needed to create a film. We want to continue to grow our name, so we can encourage more films to shoot in San Antonio, using local talent to produce them.”

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Scene from the film “Solomon’s Dilemma” (PRNewsfoto/JRAD Productions)

SOURCE JRAD Productions

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