The Best Trans-Friendly Laser Hair Removal Of 2021 Is At Seattle Plastic Surgery

Laser hair removal can sometimes require treating sensitive areas and some understandable apprehension. Considering that Brazilian laser hair removal procedures are among the most popular, it explains why this nearly painless and quick treatment can cause distress. This stress is only heightened for transgender patients who may experience dysphoria surrounding their bodies and unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal often aids during transition and requires specially trained provides and equipment to provide the best trans-friendly laser hair removal.

The master estheticians at Seattle Plastic Surgery use an 808 diode laser that is FDA approved that specifically targets the hair follicles over the skin. It uses selective light absorption which specifically targets the melanin present in hair follicles. This transfers less energy to the skin that in turn makes laser hair removal safer for patients with darker skin tones. It also results in less pain which makes it easier to treat sensitive areas like the face and pubic region.

In addition to using the most advanced and ideal equipment for transgender hair removal, the master estheticians at Seattle Plastic Surgery are among the most experienced at transgender laser treatment. They see transgender patients every day, use the correct name and pronouns, and follow all WPATH standards of care.

The cost of laser hair removal in Seattle is:

  • Small Area$99 for four treatments
  • Medium Area$259 for four treatments
  • Large Area$369 for four treatments

Transgender patients often rave about the high quality laser treatments they receive. One review says, “The staff and people here are very kind, everyone works hard to make sure you have a good experience. Very trans+ friendly!”

About Seattle Plastic Surgery: Seattle Plastic Surgery is one of the top laser hair removal clinics in Seattle that routinely treats transgender patients. As one of the leading plastic surgery practices in the Northwest, Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the highest standard of plastic surgery, injectables, and esthetic services. Their providers frequently work with the transgender community to perform surgical and non-surgical procedures to alleviate gender dysphoria.

SOURCE Seattle Plastic Surgery

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