The Future of Film Production Comes to Texas – Stray Vista Invests $4 Million in Austin as Next Filming Hub; Brings First Full-Sized LED Volume Studio, Set to Open in Fall 2022

Austin is the perfect site for filming projects of all types as the industry continues to embrace LED tech and Volume productions. We now have the infrastructure in place to entice studios to add our city to an elite list of filming locations that can offer this industry disrupting tool…’

AUSTIN, Texas, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stray Vista Studios has teamed up with VU̅ Technologies to bring Texas the first full-size Virtual Production Volume (VPV). VPV involves shooting on a soundstage with a specially constructed and curved LED wall and ceiling – together forming a massive interactive filming background called the Volume. VPV is the future of film production, rapidly becoming the top choice for major film projects, commercials, television and videos. Stray Vista founder, Nate Strayer, has been at the forefront of improving the film industry, providing Texas filmmakers with the latest tools needed to express themselves and achieve the most ambitious projects.

“This technology is cutting edge, very exciting, and we can’t wait for Austin filmmakers and video artists to experience the full effects of this massive digital canvas,” said Nate Strayer. “The Volume acts as a digital stage with a LED screen that wraps around actors and participants, allowing programmers and filmmakers to load any digital environment they wish – complete with lighting.”

VPV technology has grown rapidly as filmmakers and production companies embrace the benefits of cutting on-location production costs. The VPV also allows for more creative freedom and nearly eliminates filming problems associated with time of day, multiple locations in a short period of time, uncontrolled lighting, and travel expenses.

Actors and crew in a Volume can actually see their environment, fostering more authentic performances than a neutral blue or green screen filming area. And in-camera technology cuts visual effects expenses dramatically, while also allowing for a whole flexible range of specific camera shots and angles. The Volume tech is useful for saving a great deal of money on the backend of a film project by letting filmmakers do special effects during filming, rather than working those effects in after.

Stray Vista partnered with VU̅ Technologies because VU̅ already has similar successful VPV studios in Tampa Bay, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Orlando. Austin is the perfect mixed-use venue, ensuring the VPV can be employed for far more than just filming projects, including displaying information at massive scale for business summits, holiday parties, and executive meetings.

“Since large-scale productions like ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ have already pioneered this tech, I’m confident that making it accessible to more people will push the envelope of filmmaking in Austin,” said Strayer. “Film sets get built and thrown away often, but being able to store a series of sets on a hard drive and pull them up in any city that has a Volume is invaluable. And we are excited to make sure Austin is one of the cities providing this special film-industry feature.”

Stray Vista offers a virtual production studio space for the entire crew, complete with a 5000 sq. ft. soundstage, fully assembled VPV, and a 2.3-acre backlot. The studio is set to open in early autumn of 2022, but interested parties and local talent are encouraged to contact Stray Vista Studios now for more information on booking the space or for employment opportunities.

For the latest announcements on the studio and upcoming Grand Opening events, visit Stray Vista online. Or follow them on social media @strayvista – Instagram.

SOURCE Stray Vista