The newly released “The Moral Line” by Vanessa Bogenholm is an intriguing novel of a lady who finds goodness in all men

The Moral Line by Vanessa Bogenholm

The Moral Line” from Book Vine Press author Vanessa Bogenholm is a daring account of a 47-year old woman who fell into the world of being a high-paid escort.

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES — “The Moral Line”: a captivating book perfect for readers who seek self-discovery, happiness, and contentment. “The Moral Line” is the creation of published author Vanessa Bogenholm, a fitness entrepreneur who owns multiple fitness businesses in San Jose, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, an avid distance runner with multiple awards, and a high-level tennis player.

As a celebration of my 55th birthday and my fitness book coming out in September, I am offering this book for only $.99 for the month!”— Vanessa L Bogenholm

Bogenholm shares, “So, Alexandria, tell me how you do it? Tell me what your secret is.” And one more time I have diarrhea of the mouth. I just can’t contain myself. ‘Because I fall in love a little bit with every man I meet and they know it.’”

Published by Book Vine Press, Bogenholm’s new book leaves the readers in awe as the book unfolds a surprising revelation that the woman has discovered in her journey.

This contemporary tome allows the readers to understand the people around them, especially those who are silently struggling to win over their battles in life.

This month. as a celebration of Vanessa’s 55th birthday and her fitness book coming out in September, she is offering this book, “The Moral Line” for only $.99!


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