True Story: I Found Big Foot

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Georgies: A Real Encounters of the Legendary Creatures, The Big Foot

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2022 / — Based on true-to-life encounters in the woods, Dustin Teudhope has published his
book titled True Story: I Found Big Foot. These highly intelligent, super-elusive wild primates
possess supernatural strength, speed, and power. They are apex predators. Georgie just stuck in
the mind of the author as a name after his expedition with the KBRO (Kentucky Bigfoot Research
Organization), in which a little girl had shown up and referred to these creatures as such. All of
the evidence of these creatures from the Chattahoochee watershed, the name Georgie seems fitting.

Teudhope shares, “Now this is only a nickname for these beasts of the Southeast. After studying
the videos from my trail cameras frame by frame, I’ve concluded that these animals resemble a
cross between a bear and a gorilla. On the other hand, some of my good friends think they look
like werewolves. Taking all this into consideration, I’ve decided to officially name these relatively
undiscovered creatures Bewerearillas! These animals are 100 percent real, and people should
beware because they are killers.”

I was stoked about the deer that must be living around there. Kevin was just like, ‘Oh yeah, there are real monsters in these woods.”

— Excerpts from True Story: I Found Big Foot by Dustin Teudhope

“This book was a great read. I don’t read very often but this one kept me turning the pages. What
makes it even more believable is I know Dustin personally and I know he doesn’t tell tall tales.
What he writes is the truth. I would recommend reading this one.” — Amazon customer review.
Dustin Teudhope is a man of God and has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. He grew up
hunting and fishing in Northwest Pennsylvania near the Great Lake Erie and Pymatuning

He is also a very gifted young author who possesses the best vision of our natural world and the
ability to bring it home with him.

He has been doing extensive research for over eight years in the Apalachicola wilderness of
Florida. During this time, he has collected a significant amount of data and video documentation
that proves the existence of a very powerful apex predator with some human-like characteristics.

True Story: I Found Big Foot
Written by: Dustin Teudhope
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