Are UFOs Real? Ask Me, Please!

Are UFOs Real? Ask Me, Please!
By Rod C Washington

Are UFOs Real?

Recently, a National Geographic Society poll showed that 36% of Americans (about 80 million people) believe that UFOs are real, another 10% feel that they have witness these objects. 17% flat out did not believe, and the others were unsure or had no opinion on the subject at all.

If you ask me this question personally, then my answer is, yes. Wait a second, before you respond, let me clarify. For those who know the meaning of the acronym, you realize that it culminates to unidentified flying object. Anything in the air that an observer cannot readily identify, such as a plane, a blimp or anything flying, is a UFO. That is the part that intrigues me. During the eighties, I remember hearing about strange triangular objects spotted flying over Northern and Southern California from time to time, one of these objects crashed into a grassy field near Sacramento, I kind of recall. These objects never appeared on civilian and military aviation radar.

Around 1986, the Testor Corporation released the F19 scale model based on rumors of a top secret stealth aircraft. I remember the first time that I saw this model was in one of the spring issues of Fine Scale Modeler. A few years later, the USAF released information regarding a new fighter/ bomber that had been in operation for a while, flying out of an Air Force base in Nevada since 1983. The F117 was actually used in Panama and later the first Gulf War.

There were other reports of sighting a bat wing craft, which turned out to be the super secret B-2 Stealth Bomber before it was introduced publicly in 1988. In both of these cases I just exampled, were legitimate UFOs. Before the actual origins and designations were revealed to the public, we outside the top secret circle could not identify them.

Experimental and top secret would be unknown to a civilian ground observer, especially if said crafts were of radical design as both of these examples, and would seem understandably alien.

The unknown object in the sky doesn’t have to be military to be misidentified. Back in mid-March of 2012, I was in the backyard, stargazing and waiting for the flyover of the International Space Station, when I saw two luminous orange globes floating through the sky moving to the north. I had my video camera with me and captured the objects as they floated over the neighborhood. Later, I found that the down to earth explanation for these glowing orbs were Chinese Lanterns.

UFOs remain unknown until a rational explanation can be found to identify them. Jumping from seeing a UFO to the next conclusion that it is an alien spacecraft is another question, and that is what needs the proof.

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