Understanding Public Indecency

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When an individual gets charged with public indecency, it may mean that the individual committed any number of lewd acts in public. Public indecency is a catch-all term for acts committed in public that are deemed inappropriate for all to see openly.

Typically, these acts include some form of public nudity or sexual activity. Punishment for these crimes ranges from fines to community service to prison. Usually, the conditions surrounding the act play an important role in what sort of punishment an individual receives, as well as whether the individual is a first-time offender or not.

Most commonly, acts of indecent exposure or sexual intercourse or masturbation in public are considered indecent and may be punishable by law.

In most cases, the umbrella term “public indecency” is used to charge an individual with a crime for an action that is not necessarily banned by law. For instance, sexual intercourse or nudity in public may not be crimes in many areas, but law enforcement officials may still arrest these individuals on the grounds of indecency.

More so than many other laws, public indecency laws are open to the interpretation of the arresting officer as well as the court that hears the accused individual’s case. As such, it may be possible for individuals to win their cases if they can prove that they did not actually break a law.

Doing this requires the legal expertise of a criminal defense lawyer who understands the criminal laws surrounding the act that an individual has been accused of committing.

If you or someone you love has been accused of an act of public indecency, the Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys of Kohler & Hart, LLP are ready to protect your rights and freedoms.

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