Wamba Technologies Debuts First Video Game For Mobile Devices Titled “Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Wamba Technologies has released their debut video game titled “Waffle Smash: Chicken & Waffles” under their entertainment brand, WambaWorld (TM).  The game is a hand-eye coordination challenge pitting the player against numerous animated “breakfasty” obstacles which must be overcome using memory, spacial awareness, strategic and tactical thinking, all designed in a familiar breakfast-food metaphor.  The game is among the most simple to initially approach and rewards the player instantly while leading to hundreds of levels of ever more challenging entertainment.

WambaWorld’s mission is to provide family friendly gaming, educational and infotainment content to the world beginning with “Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles.”  The game is presently available on the Google Play Store and is anticipated on the Apple iOS App Store shortly for iPhone.

Join the Waffle Smash characters, Waffleton The Waffle, Drumstick the mischievous Chicken, Monkeybrain The Monkey, Bon Bon (the Cinnamon Bun), and the infamous Fly on a match 3 adventure that will knock your socks off!  These frienemies have only one mission…to wade through level after level of breakfasty fun designed for entertainment for all age levels.

“We wanted to make the game available on all mobile devices at the same time… and we are hoping that occurs as we begin our marketing on November 21st,” said Gary Denham, founder and CEO of Wamba Technologies. “We had actually delayed the release from August until now to try and release on both Google and Apple platforms simultaneously. Fortunately we sailed through Google Play Store and are available there for Android devices.  Apple is taking a bit longer but is expected rapidly.  This is a solid and addictively fun game and we are already seeing tremendous results in users’ positive feedback!”

SOURCE Wamba Technologies, LLC



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