Why Businesses Should Advertise During This Global Pandemic

On March 26, 2020, Digital Marketing Agency, Actuate Media released a blog post answering the question, Should I Advertise During COVID-19? With many states implementing the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders, it means that there will be a lot more people relying on the web to not only communicate and entertain but also to research and shop.

Should I Advertise During COVID-19

Many businesses facing the hardships of COVID-19 maybe enticing the idea of canceling their digital advertising, but there could be a hidden opportunity for many businesses if they can afford to keep going. Pent up demand, the potential of less competition, lower costs, and much more. In addition, now is the time to develop a new process for new revenue streams, or finally start the projects that have been put off for too long, like a website redesign.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone and businesses nationwide. Many businesses have momentarily pause advertising services, some have closed permanently, yet some are thriving amidst this global pandemic. With a huge increase of people stuck at home, the more they will rely on technology to stay entertained, productive, and connected.

“With more people at home trying to find something to occupy their time, now is the time to engage with them,” Actuate Media states. “They want your YouTube videos so they can learn how your service can help them live better lives or solve a problem. They want to read and consume the content in your blog.”

Right now, is the time citizens will stay home and quarantine themselves to reduce the risk for themselves and others. In turn, it is the best time for your business to rely on search engine marketing and social media marketing platforms to meet current and future demand. With less open businesses, this hardship brings opportunities for your business to market and reach the minds of new and existing customers.

About Actuate Media: Actuate Media is a digital marketing agency with offices in Seattle, WA, and Tampa, FL. Founded in 2016, Actuate Media specializes in digital marketing giving its clients a competitive edge in their industry. We have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, transparently navigate the complexities of digital marketing including web design, SEO, PPC and much more.


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