Wine and talks- a good combination for a date.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, the internet is brimming with amazing ideas to make this day more special for your loved one. But simplicity is sometimes the key to creating a memory that would last a life long. While the elegance and fabulous flavors of wine can be anything but simple, a glass of wine and some chit-chatting is simply perfect and outrageously romantic. So marching on here are some extraordinary ideas to bring wine and talks together on a romantic date.

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  1. The First Date Rule: A first date means there is going to be some talking to get to know each other and a lot of awkward gaps in between until you connect to a comfortable level. Also, the wine should be elegant, tasteful and not too boozy overall. A simple choice such as Clos La Chance Monterey County Chardonnay could be a great choice of a bottle for this day. You can also bring wine to the center stage and discuss your wine tasting trips, your favorite wine varieties and maybe that will create the comfort zone for you both.

2. The wine picnic: Wrapping the sky with a blanket of stars that dwell above and the warmth of the grass embracing your picnic blankets what could be more romantic than this setting for a date. Some homemade snacks or take out from your favorite restaurants can be relished with a lovely bottle of Andre champagneto make this night simply perfect. You can enjoy a nice cozy evening chatting away time or watch your favorite shows while you enjoy a simple romantic evening.



3.Wine walk: The piercing smell of ripe grapes that surround you with its beauty and aroma is a bewitching sight to watch and that is why a trip to a vineyard can be nothing less than marvelous. The huge stretches of land filled with greenery and the ripe fruits filling this space is a great choice of destination to take a walk hand in hand. You can enjoy talking your hearts out as you walk in the cradle of nature that is soothing and alluring. What more, you can also enjoy some of your most favorite varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or few varieties of Rieslings that are crafted to amuse during the wine tasting. Sit down to enjoy the vibrant flavors that encompass your glasses and talk about everything you like in these amazing tasting centers.


4.A chocolate wine date:I am sure we got you at chocolate and by the time we got to the wine you probably went into a dreamy date fantasy. Chocolate and wine are the 2 most important ingredients to make a date subtle, romantic and most importantly fun. They are both considered aphrodisiacs and surprising pair well in spite of being so similar yet so different. A chocolate wine date is all about gathering the best varieties of chocolates you would love to munch while you sip some complimentary wine varieties to enhance the flavor. Pick a chocolate boxpreferably with mixed flavors and experiment around with some delicious varieties of wines that will pair well with them. In general, you can match dark chocolates with dry red wines, sparkling wines with your white as well as nutty chocolates etc, and extend this pairing to your favorite varieties. If you want to try something different, Glenlivet 12can a great choice to pair with some caramel toffee or nutty chocolates.

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5.The wine dinner:Cooking with wine can also be something you can enjoy together for a date. You get to flaunt your skills in the kitchen and also chat ample. Cooking various wine-based recipes can be fun especially in case of meat and you can have an amazing dinner afterwards to reap the benefits of the fun time you had together while preparing it. Some of the best recipes you can try would be Meatloaf glazed in red wine, Drunken Cheesy Bread soaking in white wine, Roasted Cod with Olives and lemon, Spaghetti Carbonara brimming with bacon, Smoked turkey glazed in wine sauce etc. These recipes are easy to prepare and are also fun to cook together. Some of the best wines you can use are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Merlot etc. which you can also enjoy a glass of while you are cooking. Add some candles for a romantic set-up or grab a cozy corner overlooking the sky and enjoy an intimate dinner with your date.


6.A Bonfire:Watching the waves hit the shore, a beach is the ultimate romantic destination that should always top your favorite date spots. The chilly weather, the soft breeze to cozy in while you sit by roasting some marshmallows together is intimate and lovely. Pick a few bottles filled with floral aromas such as Riesling varieties which will make the experience more fun. As the booze hits you mildly you can enjoy chatting as you witness the majestic waves wash ashore. You can also add some amazing wine cocktails such as a mulled wine or wine infused hot chocolate varieties to your drink list instead to go with your marshmallow and enjoy a fantastic night.

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7.The wine crawl: Who said you can pick only one setting to spend the entire date night? If you want to add in some adventure to the special date then a wine crawl can be an amazing start to that. Hopping from place to place you can order large varieties of wine to taste and cherish all night. As the night passes you will have so many memories to share with a side of wine and you will enjoy them all together. Do not forget to stash one favorite bottle to remember the night by.


Try these amazing wine dates to kindle more fun and romance. Be wild, and don’t be afraid to experiment, after all, anything that you do with your better half will eventually be fun and romantic.



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