World Naked Gardening Day (video)


If you love gardening and enjoy watching new sprouts become beautiful full-grown plants, and if you also enjoy being naked outdoors, then World Naked Gardening Day is for you.

World Naked Gardening Day is an annual international event generally celebrated on the first Saturday of May by gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel founded World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) in 2005. Storey is the consulting editor for Nude & Natural magazine. Gabriel is a permaculturist. Together they established the day as a project of the Body Freedom Collaborative. The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation endorse WNGD, too. The first WNGD took place on September 10, 2005. In 2007, the date was moved to the first Saturday in May.


According to NBC’s Today, WNGD “has become an annual tradition that celebrates weeding, planting flowers and trimming hedges in the buff. While it’s linked to a movement of nudists who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body, the day is meant to be funny, lighthearted and non-political, founders say.”

Organizers assert that “besides being liberating, nude gardening is second only to swimming as an activity that people are most ready to consider doing nude”.

Beyond body positivity, Corky Stanton of Clothes Free International, an organization that promotes nude recreation, has asserted that the event offers the “fringe benefits of bare, unabashed recreation: the satisfaction of exercising in the great outdoors; the attractiveness of an all-over tan; more Vitamin D on your whole body; the unbeatable experience of skinny-dipping if the naturist event involves a beach or a lake.”[

The free-spirited proponents of naked gardening are usually nudists. But it’s not just other nudists that are encouraged to garden in the buff. It’s anyone who desires to experience a stronger bond with nature. This could be entire families, couples, gardening clubs, or a group of friends.

And the gardens can be anywhere in the backyard, the park, or inside the home. Additionally, naked gardeners are encouraged to share their stories with others. If they choose to share their photos, it’s a good idea to have private parts covered with foliage, gardening tools, or other fun props.

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