Yomico Art Sets the Standard of the Tattoo Industry

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Yomico Moreno, world renowned tattoo artist, unveiled the new standard for the Tattoo industry and community with the launch of the first ever Yomico Art event in New York last week. 

The newly initiated launch of the Master Class Summit showcased insight on color theory, real time tattooing, panel, workshops, celebrity guests, MeetUps and special sponsored experiences. The event was a tremendous success with over 155 attendees, over 2M social media impressions, setting the new standard for the Tattoo Industry.

Highlights of the Event:

  • Over 155 attendees
  • 2.5M Social Media Impressions
  • Live Tattooing to demonstrate technical aspects of a tattoo
  • Featured Panel included guest speakers:
    • Robert Hernandez
    • Dave Paulo
    • Stefano Alcantara
    • Steve Butcher

Next stop on the Master Class Summit tour will be a return to Yomico’s homeland of Caracas Venezuela, dates and more information will be announced soon.

This is only the beginning of what is yet to come in uniting and building this community to drive the tattoo culture and lifestyle forward, said Yomico Moreno, Founder of Yomico Art.

Presenting sponsors included Cheyenne, Gorilla Gloves, H2Ocean, INTENZE PRODUCTS, Sullen Art Collection, Zoa and the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo.

About Yomico Moreno

Yomico Moreno was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and has been working as a tattoo artist since 2005. Moreno has worked in some of the most prestigious tattoo studios across various countries and continents such as Venezuela, Switzerland, Europe, Central America and South America. While In Caracas, he gained nationwide recognition winning first place prizes at various local tattoo conventions.

Yomico has been featured on CNN, Daily Mail (UK), Newsweek, Paramount Network “The Art of Ink”, Sullen TV, Inkedmag, VIX, among others. He has been part of several art exhibitions including “Tattoo Forever” Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, 13th Hour and Flesh to Canvas with Last Rites Tattoo, NY and in Japan.

In 2019 he opened his private studio, Yomicoart Studio in New York. In 2021 Yomico collaborated with The Rock on the “Evolution of the Bull” tattoo and a short documentary was released about the process. He is currently working on many new projects, including a Masterclass, an NFT project “The Tattoo Shop” and continues to travel around the world to do collaborations with other artists, teach seminars, as well as creating new stories with his tattoos to push his art to new levels.

Currently, Yomico resides in New York City, where he owns a private tattoo studio.

SOURCE Yomicoart Inc

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