3 Financial Gifts Every Mom Would Love to Have for Mother’s Day 2021

If your mom has everything she could possibly want—or at least everything you could afford to give her as a gift—perhaps a financial gift would be a good way to go for Mother’s Day this year.

Cards are always good to tell Mom how you feel about her, especially if she’s the sentimental type. You can never go wrong with flowers—unless she’s allergic or has a pet who will eat them—but that’s a bit of a yawn.

If you want to step up your gift-giving game, here are a few financial gifts you can give to Mom to make her feel special on her day.

Pay one (or some) of her bills

Is there a better way to tell Mom you love her than contributing to her mortgage, rent, utility bills, or credit card bills?

If your mom is in debt or just doesn’t need any more stuff, chipping in toward her bills can be a nice way to take some financial pressure off her without being condescending by just giving her cash.

If all that stuff Mom has collected over the years has put her in credit card debt, on top of paying one (or multiple) credit card bills for her, you could also pass on some advice about how to pay off credit card debt so she can get herself out of a hole and avoid slipping back into one.

Like Matron “Mama” Morton said: “When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s good to you.” OK, that’s a little bit different, but it still rings true.

Donate to a charity she loves

Moms have supported us our whole lives, and one way to show them love is by supporting a charity that means a lot to them.

Is your mom in a book club? Consider donating to an organization that promotes literacy. Does your mom spend hours perfecting her garden? Instead of getting her some new tools, maybe donate to a nearby botanical or community garden.

This gesture will likely touch close to the heart and show Mom that you’re embodying some of the lessons she taught you about generosity and kindness.

Start a dream fund

Whether your mom’s looking to take a nice vacation or renovate her home, starting a “dream” fund can help the No. 1 woman in your life (sorry, WAGs) accomplish something she’s always aspired to do.

Setting aside some money in a high-yield savings account can help her build up enough money to put toward a trip to Italy, a completely redone bathroom, or whatever she may want to do.

If giving her money or starting a new account feels a bit devoid of feeling, you could present the gift to her with a dream or vision board with photos of the destination of her choice or a rendering of a home renovation. Thank us later if she cries tears of joy.

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