SETI Still Searching For ETs

A recent survey found that there is no evidence of artificial radio signals in a region of space that contains 10 million stars.

Using a radio telescope, astronomers in Australia used a radio telescope to search for the signals and came up empty

This is not necessarily bad news for those hoping to find extraterrestrial life.

The question of “is there intelligent life?” has been raging for centuries.

Astronomers were looking for signals that are similar to the FM range. Finding that sort of signal could mean the presence of extraterrestrial life.

In an analysis of how much SETI has done, it is like Finding Needles in the n-dimensional Cosmic Haystack.”

They have only covered a small fraction of space so far, according to their release posted in the peer reviewed, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia on September 4, 2020.

SETI 2.0, will take another approach beyond just radio signals, and is now starting to search for other types of techno signatures.

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