A New Site and a New Name! Update!

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding a tablet

A transition is coming, and it is for the better.

We mentioned, about a month ago, that this site will be going through a transition. This is true, but, relax, that change will not take place until first quarter 2023.

What’s changing? The site format and the name. We are continuing moving towards our transition to the “Stories This Moment” format and branding.

The new site will be more live feed and social media friendly to better connect with our STM messaging and to serve our readers and visitors better. What we cover will not change, much, but will include our Newsbrief videos and a new weekly wrap up show on Saturdays covering current top news stories we covered during that week.

The new site name will be “STM Daily News.”

While the transition won’t happen for a while, the new site will be up and running in juxtaposition to the TNC.Network site, which you will see some of the articles from TNC will be repeated on the new site.

TNC Network is the name of the parent company, and will get a company page that will give details about the business and include a portfolio page.

We will keep you updated on the progress.