BGC, Inc. (Black Girls CODE) Brings Legal Action Against Former CEO and Founder Kimberly Bryant

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Complaint Seeks Various Forms of Relief to Prevent Ms. Bryant from Continuing to Cause Harm to the Organization

OAKLAND, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — BGC, Inc. (d/b/a Black Girls CODE) (“BGC”) today brought a legal action against its former Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Bryant (the “Complaint”) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The filing of the Complaint follows the decision by the BGC Board of Directors on August 12 to terminate Ms. Bryant from her role as CEO and remove her as a member of the Board.

The Complaint alleges that Ms. Bryant took a series of inappropriate actions following her termination, including the unlawful hijacking of the BGC website and redirecting site visitors to her own website, which makes several false and misleading statements. BGC is currently taking action to restore its web presence and, in the meantime, is providing information to interested parties via its Twitter account, @BlackGirlsCODE. The Complaint seeks various forms of relief to prevent Ms. Bryant from continuing to cause harm to the organization.

Notwithstanding these distractions, BGC has never been in a stronger position. The organization has served more girls this summer than ever before, with several two-week summer camp programs for girls across the country, including in New York City, Oakland, Detroit, and Atlanta. In addition to learning to code, students learned important leadership and teamwork skills through group activities such as coding challenges and explored Black artists and other important representative figures of inspiration. BGC continues to thrive and remains focused on delivering on its mission for the girls it was founded to serve.

About BGC

Since 2011, BGC has been committed to providing girls from underrepresented communities access to technology and the 21st century skills necessary to become tech leaders. BGC’s organizational vision is to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology.

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