Family Sues Police Who Killed Black Woman for $25 Million

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Latoya James was an unarmed innocent bystander when she was shot and killed by deputies of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. /PRNewswire/ — The family of Latoya James, the 37-year-old black woman shot and killed by Camden County deputies in May 2021 joined their attorneys in announcing a $25 million lawsuit filed today against Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor and those deputies involved in James’ death.

James is represented by Bakari Sellers (Strom Law Firm), Harry Daniels (Law Offices of Harry Daniels) and Reginald Greene (Greene Legal Group),

“Latoya James died in an unjust, predawn raid. But the Sheriff’s nephew, however, got the benefit of an evening raid where over thirteen pounds of methamphetamine, six ounces of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and 17 firearms were reportedly found inside a home,” said Sellers. “The Sheriff has failed Latoya and the District Attorney followed suit.”

James was killed after deputies used a battering ram to knock down the door in the predawn dark of May 4, 2021 then opened fire killing her and wounding her cousin, VarShaun Brown. Often compared to the fatal 2020 shooting of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police, attorneys for the family called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate James’ killing last week and the incident continues to draw national attention from the likes of national religious and civil rights leader Rev. William Barber.

The body camera video makes it clear. These deputies didn’t care that Latoya James was an innocent bystander. They didn’t care that she wasn’t even named in the warrant. They didn’t even give them a chance to respond before they broke down the door,” said Daniels. “They just killed her and blamed her cousin for it.”

Click HERE for a copy of the lawsuit and video of the incident can be viewed HERE.

“Sheriff Proctor and District Attorney Higgins may not have the courage it takes to hold the deputies accountable. But we do,” said Grene. “That badge does not give you a license to kill and it’s time these deputies and officers everywhere realized that.”

SOURCE Strom Law Firm

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