Bill Maher takes another shot at fans of comics!

This past Friday on the New Rules segment of his HBO show, Real Time, Bill Maher addressed his blog post regarding fans of comics and super hero movies.

Originally, he made the comments a few months ago at the time when Marvel co-creator Stan Lee passed away. Maher stated that he was not disrespecting Lee but doubled down on his followers. He titled that portion simply, “Grow Up,” summarizing that he was not glad that Stan Lee was dead, but that hardcore comic enthusiast were still alive.

Maher stated that he took the occasion of his death to express his dismay at people who think that comic books are literature and superhero movies are cinema and who in general are stuck in an everlasting childhood.

Maher even took a shot at Kevin Smith. He implied that Smith, who sternly replied to his original rant, dresses like an adolescent.

He also stated that after his rant that he lost 40,000 Twitter followers and that he didn’t realize that he had ruffled so many capes.

I feel that everyone has a right to their opinion, and chances are that they will not agree with yours. The Marvel and DC Universe will not collapse on themselves, and they will not start burning comic books in the street because of Maher’s wrongly directed and unsolicited opinion.

If Maher’s comments made you angry or riled you up to frenzied retribution, enough to deface his billboard, then there should be some serious life reflections on your part.



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