Simplify Security this Back-to-School Season

(Family Features) The beginning of a new school year offers plenty of excitement each fall, but it can also be a stressful time for parents and students alike. As expensive electronics like laptops and tablets become increasingly common for student use in classrooms and at home and complex schedules require students to bike to school or enter the house after…

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How to Raise Kind and Caring Children

(Family Features) At some point, many parents will likely find themselves encouraging their children to “be kind” or “be friendly.” While they lead with the best of intentions, nearly all parents will worry about whether their child is kind to others when adults are not around. “We often encourage children to be friends with everyone, but that’s unrealistic,” said Carter…

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Build Friendship Skills for Back-to-School Success

(Family Features) When thinking about back-to-school season, most people naturally think of academics. However, it’s just as important to focus on social and emotional skills. Children of all ages are still learning to manage their emotions and get along with others. As they learn these skills, behaviors that make academic learning more challenging for everyone else in the classroom may…

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Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals

A young girl chases her dreams and becomes a veterinarian in this imaginative and playfully illustrated picture book with an empowering message. AMHERST, Mass. /PRNewswire/ — Young Rosie loves watching her mom, a veterinarian, take care of all kinds of animals. She especially enjoys learning about the animals and helping them get better.  When Rosie takes a rest from asking lots of questions,…

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Some children with cerebral palsy scoliosis may not need pelvic fixation, study shows

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Inserting screws in the pelvis for growth-friendly treatment of scoliosis can be painful and lead to infection in this patient population. Newswise — A new Michigan Medicine study finds that some children with cerebral palsy and scoliosis do not require pelvic fixation when undergoing growing rod treatment, potentially avoiding several complications. Using data from around 20 health systems, researchers analyzed…

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Kids Can Now Jump Into the Fun Inspired by the Popular Amazon Kids+ Original Special Created by Sunlight Entertainment and LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ — The fun and adventure of “Super Spy Ryan,” the live-action and animated special created by Sunlight Entertainment with kids and family digital-first studio, is now available for kids to explore in a new, ad-free mobile game launching…

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Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus Helps Young Children Understand How Their Body Fights Illnesses

PRESCOTT, Ariz. /PRNewswire/ — A new children’s book by painter Grandma Ness, Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus (Austin MacCauley), provides a whimsical, entertaining and imaginative way for parents to broach the topic of illness with their children; at the same time, it gives kids a way to visualize their immune system’s response. Grandma Ness, a pen name for Prescott resident, Annessa Morrison, says that although…

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A new STEM Global Action Today article tells the incredible story of Mason Mackie, a young Black youth who is mastering STEM, academics and acting. Already, Mason has appeared in movies, Body Cam and The Banker, and is tied for #1 in his class at the challenging Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy.   Mason, 17, is the nephew of actor Anthony Mackie, the…

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Empowering Girls Globally by Supporting Equitable Access to Education

(Family Features) Sometimes forgotten amidst the pandemic that upended the world is a global learning crisis that forced more than 1.6 billion children out of school. This immense loss of learning and development resulted in permanent setbacks for an entire generation – disproportionately affecting girls, according to a joint report between UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank. More than 10…

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19 Year-Old CEO is Model Example of How Homeschooling is an Effective Solution

mother helping her daughter with homework

Summer Day Brooks is pursuing her mother’s mission to provide free world-class education to kids on a global scale DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2022 / — Southern California-based education company Discovery K12 announced today its new company logo — Happy heart, as it continues to grow in the ed-tech space. The #Happyheart icon represents how kids love…

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