Simplify Security this Back-to-School Season

(Family Features) The beginning of a new school year offers plenty of excitement each fall, but it can also be a stressful time for parents and students alike.

As expensive electronics like laptops and tablets become increasingly common for student use in classrooms and at home and complex schedules require students to bike to school or enter the house after school with minimal parental supervision, it can often be challenging for families to juggle the changes that back-to-school season brings.

To help alleviate back-to-school stress and safeguard high-value purchases, Master Lock, the leading name in security for more than 100 years, offers a variety of solutions to provide peace of mind for both parents and students – whether enrolling in elementary school or heading off to college.

For everything from padlocks for school lockers to bike locks for students on the go and personal safes for dorm room storage, parents and students can visit to explore back-to-school security products designed to safeguard everything worth protecting.

Secure Lockers with Ease

As one of the most known and widely used padlocks for back-to-school season, the Master Lock 1500D Combination Dial Padlock offers a reliable, keyless solution to help protect students’ personal belongings while in the hallway or locker room. With a shackle made of hardened steel and a locking mechanism with anti-shim technology, this padlock provides maximum security with extra resistance against cutting and sawing. Plus, the easy-to-use dial and three-digit combination allow for quick and convenient access between classes when time is tight.

Safeguard Your Bike or Scooter

Whether heading to school or commuting to campus, the Master Lock 8143D Combination Cable Bike Lock offers on-the-go security for students of all ages, especially those who may not be able to drive yet or simply prefer to ride a bike or scooter. Made with braided steel for flexibility, a protective vinyl coating for added weatherability and a preset four-digit combination for keyless convenience, this bike lock also features a self-coiling design for easy use and compact storage in a locker or backpack.

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