Credello: How to Pay Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt Quickly

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NEW YORK ( – According to the Federal Reserve, the average American has over $15,000 in credit card debt. While it might seem impossible to get out of debt of that amount, it is possible to pay off $10,000 of it quickly if you have a plan and are willing to make some sacrifices. Here’s how to do it. List your…

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Nearly 75% of employees will swap health insurance plan features for significant savings, Centivo survey reveals

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A recent Centivo survey of employees with employer-sponsored health insurance demonstrated just how willing employees are to modify core plan features if these “tradeoffs” translate into better healthcare affordability. In fact, nearly three quarters (73%) of survey respondents say they would do so if they realized savings of 10-30% compared to their existing health plans. These findings come from the Centivo…

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Understanding Financial Infidelity and Its Effect on Relationships

(Family Features) Infidelity and deception can take many forms in a relationship, including some that have nothing to do with romance at all. One example is financial infidelity, where deceptions are reported in nearly half of relationships where finances are combined. Among people who have combined finances with a partner, 2 in 5 (43%) confessed to committing an act of…

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5WPR Report Reveals Consumers Intend to Spend Dining Out This Year

5W Public Relations, one of the largest independently-owned PR firms in the U.S., has released their 2022 Consumer Culture Report, revealing dining out as the area consumers plan to spend most of their disposable income on in 2022. Overall, the top four consumer categories rank as follows: Dining Out (33.27%) Travel & Experiences (29.12%) Clothing & Fashion (27.17%) Electronics & Technology…

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3 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Home

(Family Features) For those beginning the process of home buying, there are many factors to consider. Keep these ideas in mind as you conduct your search – whether it’s online or at a series of open houses. Consider future needs Because life is always evolving, it’s important to move into a home that has enough space for your family’s anticipated…

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How to Improve Your Financial Health

(Family Features) Your financial health is just as important as your physical and mental health. Money affects almost every aspect of your life and can be the determining factor in many of your day-to-day decisions. Being financially healthy isn’t just about how much money you have in the bank. It also encompasses your financial capability and how you feel about…

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Growing list of Hertz Customers say they were wrongfully arrested for rental theft… (video)

CBS Mornings A realtor, a cleaning service operator and even a NASA employee have all now filed claims against Hertz, saying a simple rental turned into their worst nightmare. Some of those incidents were caught on video. Anna Werner reports. Each weekday morning, “CBS Mornings” co-hosts Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson bring you the latest breaking news, smart…

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Why Banks Are Looking for Blockchain Based Payment Systems

  Why Banks Are Looking for Blockchain Based Payment Systems By Eli Carler When Bitcoin first emerged on the scene as an alternative to traditional banking systems, few would have imagined that banks would use the underlying technology to improve their internal systems. Today that dream is much closer to being realised than it was ten years ago. In the…

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