Search® Drives to “Close the Gap” of Homeownership in America

brown and white wooden house near green trees® is donating the first $100,000 to the Homeownership Council of America’s new Equity DPA Fund and matching donations of those who respond to its Closing the Gap Challenge SANTA CLARA, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — In April, we celebrate National Fair Housing Month, but data shows the realities of inequality and a history of discriminatory policies are still blocking homeownership for underserved and underrepresented communities….

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New Survey from Digit Finds Nearly 3 in 5 Americans Believe Managing Their Money Is More Mentally Demanding Than Solving a Crossword Puzzle

person putting coin in a piggy bank

Digit launches a new all-in-one financial app that intelligently and automatically manages your money and financial goals SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Despite investing significant time into their finances, many Americans find managing their money to be too complex, according to a new Digit survey released today. In fact, nearly three in five (58%) said managing their money is more mentally demanding…

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How to Figure Out Which Credit Cards You Qualify For

a woman using her credit card online

NEW YORK ( – iQuanti: Every time you apply for a new credit card, your lender will perform a formal credit check — known as a hard inquiry — to look at your report and score. Each hard inquiry damages your credit. Plus, too many within a short time frame can cause lenders to deny future credit applications. Therefore, it’s vital…

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happy young couple doing purchase on internet together at home

The Say-Do Gap between what consumers say and what they actually do is real, putting critical business decisions at-risk LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ — A new study from consumer insights platform DISQO released today reveals that more than a third (38%) of consumers incorrectly recall their digital shopping behaviors – this variance is known as the “Say-Do Gap.” As the marketing and advertising industry moves away…

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NewNet Secure Transactions Selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Providing Customers with Secure and Scalable Cloud Payments

calculator and pen on table

NewNet Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) Payment Solution is Powered by Oracle Cloud and Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace  CHICAGO, IL /24-7PressRelease/ — NewNet Secure Transactions, a global provider of secure payment transport systems and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that its Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) solution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vault has achieved Powered by Oracle…

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5 Interviewing Tips to Help You Land a New Job

(Family Features) With so many job openings these days, you may think you’ll have an easy time sliding into a new role. Not so fast. Because of the huge number of options available and plenty of workers contemplating changes, you’re likely to encounter some competition to land the job you want. A solid interview can help you close the deal….

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Nearly 75% of employees will swap health insurance plan features for significant savings, Centivo survey reveals

people wearing headsets standing behind chairs

A recent Centivo survey of employees with employer-sponsored health insurance demonstrated just how willing employees are to modify core plan features if these “tradeoffs” translate into better healthcare affordability. In fact, nearly three quarters (73%) of survey respondents say they would do so if they realized savings of 10-30% compared to their existing health plans. These findings come from the Centivo…

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