The Worm Moon is Coming Tonight (video)

  March‚Äôs full Worm Moon arrives on Sunday, March 28! This year, because it is the first full Moon to occur after the¬†spring equinox¬†on March 20, March‚Äôs full Moon is the¬†Paschal Full Moon. This means that its date determines the date of Easter which is April 4, 2021! WHY IS IT CALLED THE WORM¬†MOON? The full Moon names used by¬†The…

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Catch The Ursid Meteor Shower (video)

  Here‚Äôs a celestial Christmas gift that you can enjoy, the Ursid Meteor Shower‚Ķ The¬†Ursids¬†meteor shower begins annually around December 17 and runs for a week plus, until the 25th or 26th. This¬†meteor shower¬†is named for its¬†radiant¬†point, which is located near the star¬†Beta Ursae Minoris in the constellation¬†Ursa Minor. The peak will be on Winter Solstice, December 21 and the…

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Watch the Spectacular Geminids 2020


  The annual Geminid meteor shower peaks on the night of December 13-14, 2020 which is Sunday evening to Monday morning. These colorful meteors tend to be bright, so on a dark night, you can easily spot 50 or more meteors per hour. The¬†Geminids¬†are a prolific¬†meteor shower¬†caused by the object¬†3200 Phaethon, which is thought to be a¬†Palladian asteroid¬†with a “rock¬†comet”…

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