Bed Bugs Went Away and Now They Are Back. Why and What To Do About Them?

bed bug

  By Louise Hodges Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! A silly, childhood rhyme that most kids don’t even remotely understand. That is because these blood suckers have not been an issue in most children’s world for many generations. That is, until now. But it’s ridiculous to think that a silly rhyme would make anyone feel…

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How To Control The Humidity Level In A Greenhouse?

  By Shalini M If you want your plants to grow well in a greenhouse, make sure the humidity level is in the desired range. Excessive humidity can kill the plants because of mold and mildew growth. It can cause fungal infection in the roots, stems, and leaves of the plants. Let’s find out about the effects of greenhouse humidity…

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Benefits of Having a Greenhouse


  By Tricia Deed What is a greenhouse? It is a multi-functional building for starting, growing, or maintaining plant seeds, young plants, and plants foreign to the current environment. Many seeds from fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and trees will grow in a greenhouse. The building is helpful in providing work space and storage facilities. Other benefits include: *No pests: There…

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How to Control White Fly

White Fly

  By Louise Hodges White Fly (or White Flies) are insect pests that live primarily on the undersides of plant leaves. They are exceptionally small and are a huge problem in Greenhouses as they can make it through even the smallest of screens. They multiply very rapidly and cause a great deal of damage – in fact, in three different…

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