Disclosure on UFOs: Raelians hope for revealed data to be scrutinized with scientific rigor

Raelians await the UAP Task Force report to be released this month with reasoned enthusiasm. The report, produced under the auspices of a Pentagon group, is said to review more than 120 ‘UFO incidents’ from the past 20 years. According to the New York Times previews published on June 3, the report’s conclusion “will state that these incidents weren’t caused by any US advanced technology, but it will also fail to provide evidence linking these incidents with extraterrestrial visitations.”

“Whatever the conclusions of this report will be, we rejoice to the idea that 120 additional UFO sightings will be made available for the public, and for scientists and experts alike, to review—sightings that have been well documented by Army and Navy officers who are trained to recognize foreign technologies, but yet cannot arrive at a conclusion as to their terrestrial origins,” said Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement.

Whether these incidents are irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial visitations or man-made celestial phenomena should be decided by scientists who are best positioned to apply scientific rigor using the most cutting-edge tools to analyze data and to explain how these UAPs move, their trajectories, and their still-puzzling patterns. “We remain confident that their conclusions will eliminate all possible terrestrial origins and move the debate from ‘who’ to ‘why’,” stated Boisselier.

“The most revealing aspect of these sightings might not necessarily be the technology per se, but rather the display of maneuvers that suggest a high degree of playfulness and peaceful teasing of the Navy fighter pilots by whoever flies these crafts.  Why such an alleged enemy would take so long to reveal itself over decades should be explained once and for all,” added Boisselier.

According to Raelians, a vast majority of these sightings are signs from an advanced civilization that has come to Earth thousands of years ago to scientifically engineer all life forms, including human beings ‘in their image’.  “References to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures, but our primitive ancestors—mesmerized by their technology—mistook them for gods,” explained Boisselier.

For several decades, Rael—spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement—has predicted an increase in UFO sightings.  “This influx,” Boisselier stated, “is meant to increase public awareness on extraterrestrial life and prepare the world for their official return at the Embassy we wish to build to welcome them.”

According to recent polls, more than 60% of people around the world have come to the understanding that there are other forms of life in the Universe.  “About 40% of the public believes extraterrestrials are closely monitoring our planet and it’s refreshing to see this number increase steadily.  We are confident that the upcoming UAP report will bring us closer to this reality, and to the truth,” concluded Boisselier.

SOURCE Raelian Movement

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