Pentagon UFO Report: No Evidence of Aliens, but Maybe?

Pentagon UFO


The New York Times posted an article ahead of the Pentagon Report that will be released in a few weeks, about the origin of the recently reported and revealed encounters between the US Navy and unknown objects.

The article, cowritten by NYT journalists Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper, stated that American intelligence officials found no evidence that the aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilot recently are alien spacecraft, but they hadn’t ruled them out. There is still no explanation for the unusual movements of the objects that mystified scientists and the military. This was according to senior administration officials who were briefed on the upcoming report.

The Pentagon states that a vast majority of the well over 100 incidents that occurred in the past few decades were not of American military origin, advanced American Technology, or any advanced US military programs. That’s the only conclusive portion of the report according to officials.

Officials did say that the “weather balloon theory,” doesn’t hold up to the reports of most the sightings because of the sudden acceleration and the way these objects changed directions. Some of these objects were reported to dive into the ocean.

A great majority of the 120 sighting were from Navy personnel, the report also examines reports by foreign militaries over the same time. U.S. officials said that, although these objects were not American, some could be experimental hypersonic technology from either Russia or China. If this turns out to be true, then we are facing a serious national security issue.

The DoD collected reports for more than 13 years through a program that was funded back in 2007 by the request of then Senator Harry Reid from Nevada who was majority leader during that time. The group examined radar data, video footage and the eyewitness’ accounts until money for the program dried up and the program was shut down in 2012. Buy according to Luis Elizondo, who ran the program, said that the program continued until 2017.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force emerged last year as a continuation of the earlier program because the sightings didn’t stop.

The report, that will be released on June 25, will not confirm that aliens exists, but doesn’t discount that idea. It does acknowledge that these objects exists.


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