Experiencing the UFO Experience

Rebeca and I recently paid a visit to a new exhibit in the valley… Scottsdale, Arizona – Tuesday, December 13, 2022/ There’s a new venue that just … Experiencing the UFO Experience

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Pentagon: No Evidence of Aliens… But Maybe? (video)

  Senior administration officials were recently briefed by American intelligence ahead of the upcoming highly anticipated Pentagon report on aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy personnel which is due to be released on June 25, 2021. They claim to have found no evidence that the UFOs were alien spacecraft. But they couldn’t rule that out. More information:

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Pentagon UFO Report: No Evidence of Aliens, but Maybe?

Pentagon UFO

  The New York Times posted an article ahead of the Pentagon Report that will be released in a few weeks, about the origin of the recently reported and revealed encounters between the US Navy and unknown objects. The article, cowritten by NYT journalists Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper, stated that American intelligence officials found no evidence that the…

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