UFOs Are In The Skies Above And OREO, Earth’s Favorite Cookie, Is Making An Offering Of Milk And Cookies


Three-Acre-Wide Crop Circle Along “The Paranormal Highway” in Kansas Lures all Life Forms and Brand Welcomes with Beloved Double Stuf Cookies On a mission to bring all life forms together and treat them to Earth’s favorite cookie, OREO is making an “Offering” of its famous Double Stuf cookies to welcome all UFOs, and is encouraging others to get in on the fun….

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Pentagon: No Evidence of Aliens… But Maybe? (video)

  Senior administration officials were recently briefed by American intelligence ahead of the upcoming highly anticipated Pentagon report on aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy personnel which is due to be released on June 25, 2021. They claim to have found no evidence that the UFOs were alien spacecraft. But they couldn’t rule that out. More information:

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Pentagon UFO Report: No Evidence of Aliens, but Maybe?

Pentagon UFO

  The New York Times posted an article ahead of the Pentagon Report that will be released in a few weeks, about the origin of the recently reported and revealed encounters between the US Navy and unknown objects. The article, cowritten by NYT journalists Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper, stated that American intelligence officials found no evidence that the…

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Historic Lifts Off


AUSTIN, Texas and LOS ANGELES — A bipartisan group of public affairs specialists and business leaders have joined together to launch, believed to be the nation’s first bipartisan political action committee related to UFOs. The political action committee will be dedicated to organizing millions of like-minded Americans into an effort to persuade the governments to disclose, declassify, and demystify all information related to…

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What were those lights in the sky above Arizona? (video)

Earlier this month, many witnesses saw an array of lights streaking above the sky in perfect formation. The lights move too quickly to be a star and are too perfectly aligned to be a meteor shower, so what was it? Well, it wasn’t aliens.. It was the SpaceX Starlink satellite array, a part of the Starlink Constellation. On the evening…

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jones Friend: UFO Investigator

Project Blue Book

  Those of you who are into the subject of UFOs and its history must remember Colonel Robert Friend. He played a huge role in the US Air Force’s nearly 20-year Project Blue Book, the official government study of UFOs. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jones Friend was born in Columbia, South Carolina on February 29, 1920. From an early age, he loved airplanes and wanted…

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Lights in the Sky: A Double Take

Lights in the Sky: A Double Take By Rod C Washington It has now been a year since I returned to my hobby of night sky photography and I have seen many different types of lights in the sky. Most of them are explainable; satellites, spacecraft, high-flying aircraft, and other lights that have totally celestial explanations. I have spotted some…

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