Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jones Friend: UFO Investigator

Project Blue Book

  Those of you who are into the subject of UFOs and its history must remember Colonel Robert Friend. He played a huge role in the US Air Force’s nearly 20-year Project Blue Book, the official government study of UFOs. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jones Friend was born in Columbia, South Carolina on February 29, 1920. From an early age, he loved airplanes and wanted…

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Aliens Visiting Earth?

The question of alien visitations to Earth is considered a valid question and worthy of further scientific study, according to one physicist. This query of alien visitation stems from a broader question that asks whether we humans are alone in the universe.

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In Search Of: A Reboot With New Episodes and Leonard Nimoy (or a Reasonable Facsimile)

Leonard Nimoy was such an iconic part of the original series. I’m thinking the upcoming History Channel reboot needs him as much as the original did. The problem is that he passed away a while ago. So, I thought maybe the History Channel could figure out a way to bring him back? Maybe use a Spiritualist Medium or find a kid who says, “I see dead people.” Or, try some digital re-creation and voice mixing. Then, it dawned on me… All they need is a clone of Nimoy and one is readily available!

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Strange Holes in the Ice

Some Strange Holes in the Ice Operation IceBridge, a NASA program, has been making yearly flights over the Arctic and over the Antarctic for nearly a decade. Using the most sophisticated imaging techniques possible and flying a P3 Orion aircraft, they are hoping to understand more about the North and South poles. Operation IceBridge is a 2009–2018 NASA mission that aims to monitor…

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Strange Glowing Cloud Over Arizona, California, Mexico

Strange cloud was seen in the western skies of Arizona, Southern California and Mexico, Monday Night, March 26, 2018. The cloud was very similar to the remnants of rocket and missile exhaust high in the atmosphere. There were no launches out of Vandenberg to account for it. Although there was no official explanation from the National Weather Service, there could…

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Mysterious Flash and Boom over Washington State

A mysterious bright flash illuminated the western horizon above Washington State Wednesday night, Mysterious Flash and Loud Boom Leaves Washington State residents Puzzled. This was followed by a loud boom that shook the ground, according to several reports, puzzling residents and officials. Grays Harbor County officials have received hundreds of calls regarding this incident. The National Weather Service in Seattle…

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