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AUSTIN, Texas and LOS ANGELES — A bipartisan group of public affairs specialists and business leaders have joined together to launch, believed to be the nation’s first bipartisan political action committee related to UFOs. The political action committee will be dedicated to organizing millions of like-minded Americans into an effort to persuade the governments to disclose, declassify, and demystify all information related to UFOs.

For several years now, there have been multiple credible reports – often by well-trained military service members – that have led many Americans to believe the governments around the world have significant and detailed information about UFOs violating US airspace. UFOPac will create the nation’s first organized civic group to help bring forth the truth on this topic – regardless of the specifics of the information.

The group’s founders have extensive experience in federal, state, and municipal government and political efforts as well as corporate and business expertise. Far from being on the edges of our political and economic systems, the co-founders’ experiences are reflective of a burgeoning consensus that there is much more information that should be shared with the public.

“We created the UFOPac because it has become clear to us that there may be more to this topic than governments are willing to share,” said UFOPac founder Darius Fisher. “ will help build a mass movement to share this with our elected representatives – regardless of party or political affiliation.”

“It’s rare that there is an issue that most Americans can agree on these days,” said UFOPac co-founder Peter Ragone. “It’s very clear that getting to the bottom of this issue is one of them. Perhaps the best thing about America is that we have the ability to organize ourselves on a grass roots level and try to persuade our elected representatives that sharing the whole truth is the right thing to do.”

“As former public officials and business people, we have the right foundation to make this into a significant and thoughtful citizen movement,” said co-founder Matt Mackowiak. “It is clear that many Americans feel the same way and we intend to help organize them and have their voices heard.”

UFOPac is launching now, at a time when it has become clear that credible evidence is available for the public to review. The co-founders intend to build out the organization in the coming months, creating a diverse leadership structure of renowned experts, government leaders and grass roots advocates. UFOPac will also begin a mass communications effort to organize millions of Americans around this cause. To learn more and join our movement, please visit

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