Founder of BET Applauds Biden’s Movement Towards Reparation Proposal

Appearing on The Shade Room, former Vice President Biden said, “Here’s what I think we need. The bottom line is: Until there is genuine economic justice access to wealth it’s not going to fundamentally change police practices.”

Mr. Johnson stated, “I am pleased that the former Vice President has come to recognize that he owes full support to the Black community and is now demonstrating his support by clearly stating that access to wealth for Black Americans and Hispanic Americans is a critical component of equal opportunity and equal justice.” Mr. Johnson, who has recently called for $14 trillion in reparations for 40 million African Americans, further declared, “I hope that the American people will recognize and acknowledge that the time for full Black American reparations is now. Not just to atone for past sins, but to cause this nation to live up to what was once called American exceptionalism.”

Former VP Biden’s comments can be viewed on The Shade Room.


SOURCE The RLJ Companies

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