Short Film Reveals 198,000 Voters Purged From the Rolls in Georgia ahead of Run-Off

Investigative Report Released Today Reveals Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is No Hero Defending Democracy from Trump

Narrated by Debra Messing 
Produced by George and Peggy DiCaprioThom Hartmann and Rosario Dawson 
Reported by Greg PalastThe Palast Fund


Producers: George and Peggy DiCaprioThom Hartmann, Rosario Dawson 
Narrated by: Debra Messing 
Directed by: David Ambrose 
*Based on the investigative reporting of The Palast Fund

Despite the hype, an investigative report released today reveals Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is no hero defending democracy from Trump.  Rather, in this investigative film (produced by the DiCaprio family and Rosario Dawson and narrated by Debra Messing), Raffensperger is exposed for allegedly using vote suppression Jim Crow tactics — even misleading a federal court to keep 198,000 Georgians from voting in Tuesday’s Senate run-off.  The report centers on the lawsuit by Black Voters Matter, Rainbow/PUSH and other voting rights groups to return these voters to the rolls in time for the election.  It is based on Greg Palast’s investigation released by the ACLU of Georgia. In the film, we see that the Secretary of State literally shut and lock his office in the State Capitol to avoid a federal judge’s directive to meet with Palast, Black Voters Matter and their legal team to return voters before the run-off.  The voting rights groups hunt down and confront Raffenperger’s Director of Elections with evidence of Black and Hispanic voters illegally blocked from voting—and hand him a list of 198,000 Georgians wrongfully purged from the voter rolls (including, infamously, Martin Luther King’s 94-year-old cousin).

/PRNewswire — Jan. 5, 2021/

SOURCE The Palast Fund

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