Growcentia Announces Mammoth Garden Brand And Entry Into Consumer Garden Market

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Growcentia, Inc., a biotechnology company, announced their entry into the consumer garden market. Since the beginning, Growcentia has focused on bringing positive change to the way the world grows. Now home gardeners can tap into the Mammoth Garden brand, leveraging the powerful, force of nature and science behind every Growcentia product. These products are backed by proprietary technology developed by microbiologists and created to enable home gardeners to maximize plant growth, quality, and health.

More product-specific details and availability will be released in the coming weeks.

Our entry into the home gardening market comes after more than a year of focused research and product development.

As the company enters this new market, Director and Growcentia CEO Scott Wiley said, “Growcentia is known for changing the way the world grows. Since our inception, we have applied advanced biological science to improve plant health and quality by unleashing the regenerative power of nature. Our entry into the home gardening market comes after more than a year of focused research and product development. Now, home gardeners can use the same biological solutions as professional horticultural and agricultural growers.”


Consumer Garden Market

Growcentia will introduce its biological home garden product lineup at the National Lawn and Garden Show in Dallas next month under the Mammoth Garden brand. From June 15th-16th, Growcentia representatives will be displaying and answering questions regarding Mammoth Garden products. To set up a meeting time at this event, contact

Chief Revenue Officer and Growcentia Co-founder Colin Bell, PhD said, “Our scientific expertise focuses on understanding the importance of how natural processes support plant health and success. It is our job to develop natural technologies that can be easily applied – thus reducing the need for using synthetic chemistry in our home gardens. We are focused on changing the way the world grows by delivering these natural solutions for your garden, so you can grow with nature.”

As the home garden market continues to experience exciting growth, Wiley added, “Active gardeners span five generations, from Silents and Boomers to Gens X, Y, and Z. One thing each has in common is the desire to grow food in a sustainable and regenerative manner. Growcentia will give them the knowledge and biological growing solutions they need to do it.”

Growcentia, Inc. creates and manufactures organically derived growth enhancing biostimulants and biocontrol products for plants. The Growcentia mission is to change the way the world grows by providing growers access to more natural, efficacious product options. For more information, visit

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