Los Angeles Releases a New Data-Driven Plan to Promote Sustainable Transportation


LOS ANGELESJune 7, 2021 — Los Angeles City Planning (City Planning) and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) unveiled proposed changes to the City’s existing Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program. The draft proposal will help reduce car dependence to meet carbon pollution reduction strategies set out in LA’s Green New Deal.

The update aims to reduce the number of overall vehicle trips taken in LA, leveraging the latest technologies and incentives to offer sustainable alternative modes of transportation. The current TDM ordinance applies only to large-scale commercial and industrial developments, whereas the proposed revision would expand the program to apply to new construction projects, including multi-family residential development projects consisting of 16 or more units.

“This program puts people first. It recognizes Angelenos’ diverse transportation needs, invests in walkable, bike-friendly, transit-rich communities, and incentivizes the creation of walkable activity centers,” said Director of Planning Vince Bertoni. “By creating more efficient and sustainable options for getting around the City, we will make it easier for Angelenos to reach jobs, education, healthcare, and social activities.”

The core of the initiative introduces new transportation strategies for reducing carbon emissions. These proposed changes to LA’s Zoning Code would require projects of a certain size to incorporate TDM strategies for reducing single occupancy vehicle trips and total miles traveled.

“LA’s TDM ordinance brings a long-overdue overhaul to our development review process that will make us a more connected and efficient city,” said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds. “When we incentivize a wider range of transportation options, we build a future with greater mobility, less traffic, and improved health outcomes for Los Angeles.”

City Planning and LADOT will be better positioned to require new developments to contribute to the City’s expanding transportation options. New developments will be able to choose from a menu of TDM strategies to implement, including additional investments in public transit, biking, and carpooling. As a result, Angelenos will have better options in place to make public transit, walking, biking, and carsharing viable alternatives to vehicular travel.

LA has created a TDM calculator to make compliance simple and transparent for developers. The calculator generates a “point target” based on each project’s scale to help applicants understand the level of compliance required.

SOURCE LA City Planning

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