Mobile Drive-In Movies: The Ultimate Social Distancing Entertainment

Mobile Drive-In Movies that come to you. Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment re-invents the Drive-In Movie by making it mobile. The ultimate solution for safe, social distancing entertainment!

Communities Can Gather Safely for a Mobile Drive-In Movie, Anywhere

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) is helping cooped up communities and families find ways to entertain themselves outside while maintaining safe social distances during this difficult time. They are providing Drive-In Movies that come directly to customers’ locations nationwide.

“We were looking forward to releasing a full summer program of drive-in movies this year, but now UOE is more focused on the current issues at hand – helping communities find safe entertainment alternatives while helping our employees get work. We aim to continue supporting our office staff and dozens of audio-visual technicians across the country by providing a useful community activity during this crisis,” said Laura Landers, who is the owner of UOE and its drive-In division, Full Moon Drive-In®.  

“UOE and Full Moon Drive-In offer the unique service of mobile drive-ins that can be setup anywhere.  Neighborhoods, parking lots, community parks, sporting venues, colleges – anywhere that a customer wants to setup a drive-in movie night – we can make it happen.  We also offer something that no stationary drive-in can offer, and that’s a daytime drive-in with our super-bright mobile LED screen,” Laura said.  “Having the ability to start movies well before sunset is something that traditional projection screens simply can’t do, and it lets us start

NEW: The Daytime Drive-In? Yes, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment now has super bright, mobile LED screens that can be seen in full daylight. Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment is re-inventing the drive-in with Mobile LED daytime technology! Churches are now holding drive-in worship service with our new mobile LED screens.

movies earlier, which is perfect for families with young children that don’t want to start a movie after 8 PM.”

UOE is also partnering with Blue Starlite Drive-In theater by providing them with UOE’s Mobile LED Screen so they can do special matinee viewings for screenings during the day, especially during the extended spring break students are experiencing. UOE also offers even larger LED Screens that can accommodate more vehicles, and all of their LED screens are completely weatherproof, so they can show movies rain or shine, day or night.

“We are excited to encourage communities to gather safely in their vehicles for fun, family entertainment during this critical time of social distancing. While our business ultimately depends on people gathering together, we are proud to have a service that will help families safely get out of their houses, while reminding all of us that we are in this together. We hope to work with other small businesses and event companies like ours, so we can all get thru the COVID-19 crisis and come out better on the other side.” –Darrell Landers, Founder & CTO

Landers tells us that in the last few weeks, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment has received many requests to book Drive-In events for morning church services, graduation ceremonies, and community outdoor movie events.  “Obviously people are doing a lot of things online and through virtual services, but a drive-in gives people a way to feel somewhat connected while still keeping safe distances.  Some customers are even upgrading existing bookings from smaller screens to the larger Drive-In Movie Screens so they can still hold their events.”

As a small business operating at a national level, UOE will continue to provide Drive-Ins and single-family Backyard Movie drop-off packages throughout the COVID-19 crisis until and they can resume all rentals again.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE) is the entertainment company taking outdoor events to the next level. UOE started in 2008 as a small business operating out of a garage in Austin, TX. Today, still a family-owned business, UOE operates in more than 20 major cities across 12 states, offering outdoor movies, LED screen rentals and photo booth rentals nationwide. 


SOURCE Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

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