Endeavor Audio and Broad + Water Studios today launched, EPSTEIN: DEVIL IN THE DARKNESS, a 12-part investigative series that has uncovered some of the secret members of Epstein’s inner circle and who speak out for the first time and providing a new and shocking look inside his dark and sordid life. Throughout this season, each episode will unfold as an investigation done in real-time by an all-star team of investigators uncovering the latest details surrounding Epstein’s trail of crimes and coverups.

In episode one, available today, we hear from the long-time personal chauffeur for Epstein:

“Jeffrey’s nickname among the drivers was the pedophile because we used to pick up these young girls. And this was years before he was arrested. …It was a joke, it was, “Yeah, we’re going to pick up the pedophile,” because we’d go and we’d pick up these young girls. But I don’t think we really believed that’s what was happening, but it comes to pass that that’s the truth, that’s what was happening. But we used to call, it was a big joke in the office all the time.

“The way I feel about Epstein is he reminded me of John Gotti, like the Teflon Don… He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and nobody could touch him because he had money, he had influence, and he had dirt on all these people. And he was able to control and manipulate everything because everybody was afraid of him. Nobody would want that stuff to come out.”

The shocking revelations continue in episode two, when the team discovers and speaks with the mysterious woman who says she helped recruit Epstein’s stable of young massage therapists at his New Mexico compound. In this exclusive interview, she breaks her silence:

“There were photographs. Ghislaine thought she was quite the photographer and there would be photographs of, you know, like breasts and not necessarily who they were attached to. I remember this one photo of [inaudible] and I think two other girls in a bathtub, and they were naked.”

“All we were tasked to do is to make sure that we had rather like a stable full of willing massage therapists that were willing to drive out there at a moment’s notice. And, they would get compensated well for their trouble…and of course, they needed to be young, attractive, no visible piercings or tattoo’s.”

New episodes of EPSTEIN: DEVIL IN THE DARKNESS are available every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and all podcast listening apps. The series is produced by the creators of one of the most downloaded podcast series of 2018, FATAL VOYAGE: THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF NATALIE WOOD which garnered over 10 million unique downloads and more than 50 million media impressions worldwide and was featured on national television programs including Dr. Phil and The Today Show. The series was named to Apple Podcasts’ Most Downloaded New Shows of 2018 and was named a 2019 Webby Best Series honoree by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

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