Preparations Begin for Hyperloop Competition in Las Vegas, Sunday, September 12

Las Vegas

Logistics service provider was responsible for the safe and timely transport of a high- tech drilling robot from Switzerland to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, September 9, 2021 – The “Swissloop Tunneling” research team from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich has started unpacking and assembling its high-tech drilling robot in Las Vegas as they prepare to participate in the “Not-A-Boring Competition” on Sunday, September 12. As an official logistics partner, Gebrüder Weiss was responsible for the safe and timely land and sea transport of the critical technology from Dübendorf, Switzerland, to Las Vegas for the competition.

The challenges that organizations face today as they struggle to transport materials reaffirms the importance of innovation and the investment in the future of mobility. With more than 500 years of transport history and experience, Gebrüder Weiss continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving the industry. As the global logistics organization continues to expand, it maintains its lead in supporting sustainability efforts and investing in ways to enhance mobility. The Hyperloop competition is an ideal opportunity to put the company’s values into action.

The idea behind the Hyperloop project, based on a concept developed by Elon Musk, is to transport people and goods over shorter distances through tunnels under or above the earth’s surface to their destination at high speed. The drilling robots must be as fast, compact, and as automated as possible to make tunneling financially viable. The conditions set for the Not-A-Boring Competition, “Can you beat the snail,” will involve drilling a tunnel as quickly and accurately as possible.

The official student team of ETH Zurich competing in Elon Musk’s Not-A-Boring-Competition was founded in 2020 and brought together more than 40 students with expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and various business-related fields. As part of the “Digging Dozen” chosen from more than 400 applicants, the team wants to achieve CO2 savings through efficient planning and innovative technologies. The team’s mission is to realize efficiency increases and build a tunnel boring robot that drills forward faster than a conventional snail crawls.

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