Real Nudist Comedian Makes Fully Nude Comedy Movie

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Not Indie, it’s SKINdie: The first TRUE nudist comedy movie ever made!

LAS VEGAS /PRNewswire/ — In a truly original story that is naked and not afraid, Meet TIM CHIZMAR, he’s loud and naked, in America that’s how you know he’s Tim Chizmar. Meet LUCZ PADILLA, she’s quieter, religious, and nude, she works at a designer fashion label company in Mexico. Their lives are turned upside-down when these two young nudists are deported to the country of NUDELAND where they can finally live with others that are not Clothes-minded. But even amongst the unique personalities and over-the-top characters (like a reverse Flasher running around) can our heroes ever truly get rid of the shame and anxiety inside and allow themselves to be free? Sure, nude isn’t lewd, but it can come with mental baggage. This movie has heart, humor, love, and the best fans in the world as was proved at the sold-out premiere in Pasadena, CA.  

Just who is “America’s number one naked man” as GET THAT MOVIE has called him.

The naked man behind this naturist comedy gem is TIM CHIZMAR, not only is he a lifetime member of the American Association for Nude Recreation, The Naturist Society, and Clothesfree as a legit lifelong nudist advocate but he is a Bestselling Writer & Award-winning Humorist to boot.

“By gawd that’s a million-dollar idea!” – proclaimed a reporter from The L.A. Times about Tim Chizmar’s body-positive fully nude standup comedy tour which began in Long Beach, CA at the Berubian’s Theatre in 2007. The nudity is almost never optional it is mandatory upon entrance for the comfort of all parties. Nude Comedy shows are not a spectator event it’s an immersive experience of social nudity breaking down walls of shame to learn to ‘Love Every Body!” You never know what’ll happen next!! Don’t forget to bring a towel to sit on! Tim Chizmar’s credits to date include Comedy Central, ABC, FOX, Showtime, NBC, CMT, The Hallmark Channel, and many more. As a headlining comedian he has worked with Jeff Foxworthy, Jon Lovitz, Daniel Tosh, Dana Carvey, Kevin Smith, etc. He has written, directed, and produced television and feature films starring the likes of Eric Roberts, Rob Van Dam, Patrick Kilpatrick, and many others. When he’s not inspiring fellow creatives by being on various Comic-Con panels or speaking at Inspirational Success events, he’s constantly working on his next project. Because. There’s always a next project. On the scarier side of things, his books include Soul Traitor, and Modern Madness. His work can be read in the Bram Stoker winning It’s Alive: bringing your nightmares to life from Crystal Lake Press, in which he collaborated with dark fantasy icon Clive Barker. Tim has written for magazines such as The Jewish Journal, Fangoria, First Comics News, and sold many short stories and screenplays in Hollywood. He ran the Horror Writers Association’s Las Vegas chapter for two years and was one of the 2019 National Literature Award recipients from Latin America. Clive Barker has said of Tim’s writing, “Tim Chizmar reaches past the conventions of the commonplace and holds nothing back.”

The movie is currently available at Own it forever, and you can watch it on Vimeo, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast and more now! Includes over 70 minutes of bonus footage, featuring deleted scenes, interviews with cast, extended scenes, and commentary from the Naked Director himself.

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