Naturists commonly are not about sex. They simply appreciate the independence of a nudist life-style

‘Nudism’ – now there is a concept that brings a few nice images to mind! Seriously though, as sexy as the expression sounds, nudism is truly not about sexual intercourse at all but instead a organic means of living. Yes, nudists like to walk around bare-skinned and yes, they do so regardless of the sex of those people close to…

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Get Comfortable Naked

  Get Comfortable Naked By Andre Lafome There’s only one way to get good at or comfortable at doing something. That is to do it over and over again. Constantly practicing something will give you confidence and make you more comfortable with whatever you do. Lets take nudity as an example. If you’re not comfortable being naked in front of…

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What Is Nude Recreation Week?

[videopack id=”76751″][/videopack]   Yes, it is hot outside, don’t let the summer heat get you down, relax without clothes. Nude Recreation Week is observed the week after Independence Day, and it is a way to shed stress and explore naturism.   Naturism is a lifestyle of non-sexual social nudity, and the cultural movement which advocates for and defends that lifestyle. Both may also be…

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World Naked Gardening Day (video)

Naked Gardening

  If you love gardening and enjoy watching new sprouts become beautiful full-grown plants, and if you also enjoy being naked outdoors, then World Naked Gardening Day is for you. World Naked Gardening Day is an annual international event generally celebrated on the first Saturday of May by gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel founded World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD)…

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Your First Nudist Outing – Where Should You Go?


  So you’ve decided to try nudism for the first time. Now what do you do? If you’re sure that you’ll like the nudist life, and you’re prepared to make the commitment without a second thought, you can join a nudist club or book your first nudist vacation and jump straight into the nudist lifestyle. But what if you’re a…

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