Weird Types Of Yoga

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Many people are used to the common types of yoga such as Bikram and Anusara. What they are not aware of is that there are many other types of yoga that are usually categorized as weird. If you are wondering which the weird types of yoga are, here they are:

Co-ed nude yoga

These classes are offered in only a few of yoga studios. Here the main type of yoga practiced is Vinyasa yoga. To enroll in such a class you only need to find a studio offering the lessons in your area and register yourself.

Although, you undertake the lessons when nude, the classes are not meant to be sexual at all. This means that if you have high sexual urges you should avoid these classes. These classes are also not ideal for shy people.


This style involves doing various yoga poses while holding your dog in various positions. This means that you should go with your dog to a yoga class.

Just like in the nude type of yoga, you only need to find a studio offering the lessons in your local area and register yourself. To ensure that your dog doesn’t flee during the lessons, it’s recommended that you first train it so that it’s comfortable with you.


This style is a brain child of Juliet Murrell who is an instructor based in London. The style involves doing the various yoga poses while dancing to the 80s music.

Only a few studios offer this style; however, if you live in an area where yoga is greatly practiced, you might be lucky to find one or two studios offering the lessons.


This style combines yoga with snow sports such as snowshoeing and skiing. According to instructors, these classes are all about using yoga as a way of improving skiing and snowboarding skills.

Unlike other types of yoga, it’s common to find many studios offering this type of yoga. If there is no studio in your area offering this style, you should create your own form of snowga. You can do this by doing standing yoga poses before and after a cross-country skiing trek or snowshoe hike.


This style was started by a New York yoga instructor, Yamuna Zake. The style is meant to help ladies learn how to rock high heels without any pain. Half-ball props known as foot wakers are used to massage and exercise feet.

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