Short Film “The Gesture And The Word” A Much Needed Touch Of Positivity

romantic short drama The Gesture and The Word
Uplifting Short Film “The Gesture And The Word” Brings A Much Needed Touch Of Positivity In Today’s World.

(Los Angeles, CA) – August 3rd, 2020. Los Angeles-based rising filmmaker Helen Alexis Yonov is introducing her romantic short drama The Gesture and The Word in the midst of a pandemic. The film stars James Michael Tyler as Gilbert, Paul Dooley as Mr. Rostalle, Nicole LaLiberté as Eloïse, Roxane Mesquida as Aurore, and Andrew Creer as Eric.


The Gesture and the Word tells the story of Gilbert, a lonely postman who secretly recreates postcards for a woman on his mail delivery route when her boyfriend’s homemade postcards stop arriving from his travels around the world. With the help of his friend Mr. Rostalle, a blind widower and retired literary professor, Gilbert learns to open himself up to the prospect of love, and in the process of trying to bring someone else’s happiness, he discovers it for himself.


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“I wanted to make something beautiful that incorporated my romantic nature, my obsession with art, and my love of travel. The world needs this kind of story about human connection. In a society where we are currently fearful and suffering, I believe that this film is a much welcomed respite,” says director Helen Alexis Yonov.


Encountering the special circumstances around the pandemic and political agendas happening in the world right now, The Gesture and the Word pulls the audience’s attention back to the purest experience of humanity – kindness. Portraying the leading character Gilbert as an innocent and helpful postman, somewhat socially awkward, yet extremely relatable, the short allows the audience to be engaged in an lighthearted story of uplifting relationships.


“Love can be romantic, platonic, and familial. It can incorporate kindness, support, understanding, or patience. Its definition is multi-faceted. The film reminds people that there is a need for and a place for a story that promotes beauty and compassion. I give people an escape that reflects what is hoped for and desired in our hearts: to love and to be loved,” she adds.


The Gesture and the Word is a Burden & Light production. Written and directed by Helen Alexis Yonov. Produced by Andrea Fellers. Executive Producer: Helen Alexis Yonov and Gail Yonov Root. Associate Producer: Mattia Ferrante. Cinematographer: Matthew T. Rodgers. Production Design: Anna Loesby. Costumes: Matthew Peridis. Music by: Craig Richey. The closing song ‘Till the End’ is by the band Parker Lane, which is the musical creation of Grammy award-winning American musician, recording artist, and producer, Printz Board.

“This film pairs so well with my music. When I saw it, I wanted to do the whole soundtrack. It embodies the same honesty, love and meaningfulness that I write my songs with. …it’s a match,” says Printz Board, one of the songwriters of hit song ‘Where is the Love?’ by the Black Eyed Peas.


About the director:

Helen Alexis Yonov is a Latvian-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She is the fourth generation of her family to live and work in Hollywood. However, she was born in Newport, Rhode Island and, through her father’s Naval career, she grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1984-86) and Moscow, USSR/Russia (1990-92). Her experiences living and traveling overseas created an appreciation for different cultures and foreign cinema, which influenced her decision to live in Paris, France from 2011-18. After attending Emerson College in Boston, Helen Alexis moved to Los Angeles in 2002 where she began working as a set P.A.. In 2008, she wrote and directed the award-winning short film, THE WEIGHT OF IT. While living in Paris, she worked on several screenplays, one of which she is writing as a novel, as well as directed commercials. It was during her time in Paris that she found the inspiration to write her award-winning short film, THE GESTURE AND THE WORD, which she directed upon her return to Los Angeles. She is now developing a feature version of the film. In addition, she has another feature film, THE TIME OF THE WOLVES, in development, which is thematically inspired by her experience during the 2015 attacks in Paris.


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