Singer-songwriter Kelly Padrick releases her new video “Waiting For This” directed by Patricia Chica.


(New York, NY) – February 18th, 2019. Kelly Padrick’s new music video “Waiting For This” premieres on “Waiting For This” is the singer-songwriter’s 11th collaboration with award-winning Canadian director Patricia Chica (Morning AfterCeramic TangoSerpent’s Lullaby). The song is composed by Kelly Padrick and her long time musical collaborator Nancy Hess and was recorded in Hess’ studios in Portland, Oregon.




The video begins with scenes of a Gatsby-esque party filled with friends and plenty of drinks to go around. Scenes flick back and forth from the party to a dozen T.V. monitors filled with screens of black and white static, old memories, and Padrick’s past music videos. A hand sweeps across the screen portraying the person who was reminiscing the past, but not missing it. The lyrics tell the story of moving on from someone and getting ready to start a new life without them. When two people are at different points in their lives, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of comfort without progression, “Waiting For This” allows emotional freedom from a partner without burden.

The video of “Waiting For This” is written, directed and edited by Patricia Chica of Flirt Films. Starring Kelly Padrick as well as dancers Simone TissenbaumPhoebe M. M.Alba Moreno Daza and Shaïna Luzincourt. Producers: Jasmine Durand and Patricia Chica. Director of Photography: Martin Bouchard. Camera B: Alexandre Schippers. Choreography by Giulia Tripoli, assisted by Simone Tissenbaum. Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Miramontes (Actors) and Bruna Sunnye (Extras). Art Direction by Stephanie Burbano, assisted by AJ Little. Original Jewelry by Sonia Bandulet. Color Correction by Wesley Mroziński. The song was written by Kelly Padrick and Nancy Hess.


Moreover, keep an eye out for the screening of Kelly Padrick’s previous award-winning music video “Heavenly Ride” at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema to be held in California from March 5th – 10th.


The distribution of “Waiting For This” is being handled by the team of HIP Video Promo“Waiting For This” will soon start its film festival tour. Find out more on and


Source: Flirt Films



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