Technology Entrepreneur on UFO Report: “Our Quest for Anti-Gravity Must Begin”

PORTLAND, Ore. — Today’s report from the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence marks the first official documentation of UFOs (aka Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs). The report describes objects with flight and propulsion capabilities impossible using known technology, implying physics that we don’t yet understand and the possibility that we are not alone in the universe.

On UFOs and the Inevitability of Anti-Gravity by Dr. Philip Marshall

Dr. Phil Marshall, a Portland, Oregon-based physician and technology entrepreneur, sees the report as a watershed moment in recognizing the possibility – and even the inevitability – of anti-gravity technology. “The evidence points to a propulsion system with no traditional signatures such as vapor trails or sonic booms, sudden and rapid acceleration, and with the ability to move between space, air and even water,” Marshall said. “It implies a technology that deflects and harnesses the most mysterious force in the universe: gravity.”

We must deepen our effort to understand why gravity behaves the way it does, Marshall argues, not simply how it behaves mathematically. He also describes how a better understanding of the physics of gravity could lead to the invention of anti-gravity, which would have profound consequences for society.

Dr. Marshall details his quest to better understand gravity and the implications for inventing anti-gravity in an essay blending humor with science and technology, On UFOs and the Inevitability of Anti-Gravitywhich you can read at

For more information on Dr. Marshall’s work and writings, visit

SOURCE Dr. Phil Marshall

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