Total Eclipse of the Supermoon on May 26 (video)


The full moon will sweep through the dark umbral shadow of the Earth on May 26, 2021, this will cause a total eclipse of the moon.

The full moon is closest of 2021, it will be the closest and the brightest full moon of the year… it is called a supermoon.

For those living in western North America, the eclipse will take place in the early morning hours, before sunrise.

Different times for people elsewhere on the globe.

This particular eclipse is also special because the phase of totality is so short, it will last for less than 15 minutes.

Total eclipses of supermoons aren’t all that rare. The last total eclipse of a year’s closest full moon happened on September 28, 2015.

The May 26 eclipse will be visible from western North America, southern and far-western South America, the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Australia and southeast Asia.

Check these links for more information and live stream:

Total Lunar Eclipse | Griffith Observatory | May 26, 2021



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