Travel Across the USA and Stay in a Modern Conestoga® Wagon in 25 States

Conestoga® Wagon

With the network of Resorts offering stays in the comfort of a modern Conestoga® Wagon, built by Conestoga Wagon Company®, it is possible for vacationers to create their own pioneer trail across the United States.

The luxury Conestoga® Wagons from Conestoga Wagon Co.® can be found at Resorts throughout the U.S., adding a unique lodging option for Resort owners. The wagons are built on real wagon wheels and can be easily moved on the Resort property. Many Resorts place several wagons around a central firepit for a “Circle the Wagons” experience.

Travelers have the option of embarking from the east as the original pioneer travelers did, from Resorts in MaineNorth Carolina or Florida and then choose to take a northern, mid-country or southern route as Resorts in 25 states now offer the wagons as an accommodation. The choice of route, embarking from any direction can be seen in the company’s client map at

Conestoga® Wagon
The interior of the luxury Conestoga® Wagons from Conestoga Wagon Co.® sleep up to six people on a king bed and bunk bed set, and feature a wagon wheel table, optional A/C and heating and multiple USB charging ports. The wagons are very popular with guests and influencers who love posting their stay on social media channels to help a Resort gain valuable and positive online exposure. The unique lodging option also helps to attracting local and even international media attention.

Conestoga Wagon Company® has sold over 375 wagons to the Resorts since its start-up in 2015. The company offers its RV Park and Glamping clients flexible sleeping arrangements for up to six with the choice of king-size bed, bunk beds or single-twin bed configurations.

And it is possible to work while vacationing at a Resort as the 180-square-foot Conestoga® Wagons have built-in USB ports and optional tables plus space for a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. The well-insulated wagons can be heated or cooled with the addition of an AC/heating unit installed over the wooden door.

As travelers continue their self-created trail, they have the opportunity to enjoy family reunions or group stays recreating a “Circle the wagons around the campfire” spirit. The wagons can easily be moved with a pick-up truck by Resort management.

The significant wagon sales led to the need for upscale shower houses to be added to the manufacturing capabilities of Conestoga Wagon Company®. After completing applicable research and development, the company decided that for privacy and comfort the shower houses would be a separate building offering two units that can be used exclusively by wagon guests or offered to all guests at a Resort.

Two of Conestoga Wagon Company®’s partners are also owners of a luxury home construction company, so the design and execution of all products meet the most stringent standards of the construction industry. The Shower Houses are delivered turnkey to the Resort and placed in the designated area with the use of the forklift slots built into the steel frame.

As an innovative company, the latest product combines all the comforts of the wagons with the luxury of the bathroom in their Luxe Tent. The same sleeping configurations as the wagons are offered and the turnkey bathroom attached to the tent also includes a claw-foot tub and full wooden vanity.

The wagons are frequently the topic of world-wide publicity as journalists, influencers and guests have discovered that the Wagons offer more than a place to sleep. Instead, Resorts offer experiences such as campfire sing-alongs, pioneer dances, and meals reminiscent of early cross-country travel.

For information on the purchase of wagons, shower houses, and tents, contact Jason at [email protected] or visit: For reservations in a Conestoga® Wagon, click on the map link at and directly contact a resort.

SOURCE Conestoga Wagon Company

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June 16, 2021 11:47 am

What a unique vacation idea 🙂 -Vicky from