True Cancel Culture: The Attack on Matt Damon

Yes, there was that one time Matt Damon told director Effie Brown that she didn’t know enough about diversity to understand. This was on the final season of Project Greenlight, that show where Hollywood bigwigs gave film school up and comers the opportunity to show their stuff and win the ultimate filmmaking prize. Unfortunately for Damon, it looked like a typical male whitesplaining to a “naive black female film director.”

Brown more than likely has run into enough issues through her career and totally understood diversity challenges in the industry.

Damon  had since walked back those comments and has apologized to Brown. He has since been in the within the wrath of the woke police.

Damon has recently professed that he has “retired the F-Slur,” and has received backlash for it.

Bill Maher breaks it down in his New Rules segment.


New Rules: Leave Matt Damon Alone

Bill Maher’s Real Time

Bill gives some advice to Matt Damon, who is often caught in cancel culture quicksand: stop hunting for good will, you’re not gonna find much in this country.

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