Phoenix, AZ, May 27, 2018 — We have met with the Phoenix Convention Center, security providers, and fire department officials. Phoenix Comic Fest will continue as planned on Sunday, May 27th. We anticipate all security checkpoints will open on time based on posted hours.

All attendees with a Saturday single day credential will be allowed to exchange it at any redemption station for a Sunday credential. Attendees are asked to bring the Saturday wristband with them if possible.

Exhibitors will be able to enter at 8 am at any entrance. Staff and crew will report at scheduled times so we can be prepared to have a fantastic final day of Phoenix Comic Fest 2018.

Phoenix Convention Center and Phoenix Comic Fest will hold a media briefing at 7 am Sunday morning at 2nd Street and Adams, in front of the Phoenix Convention Center West Building.

Square Egg Entertainment would like to thank the Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix Fire Department, EMTs, Pride Group, CSC, IPSA, The Phoenix Convention Center, Unified Command, MSA, and our staff and crew for their dedication and hardwork in keeping all of us safe, but we would especially like to thank you, our attendees, who we consider part of our geek family, for your support, your patience, and your understanding.