What A New Landscape Maintenance Business Needs To Succeed

A landscape maintenance business handles a variety of different tasks on properties ranging from gardening and lawn care to snow removal and debris pickup. The specific set of skills that a business offers to clients helps to establish what type of properties will be maintained. Industrious companies with many varied employees might work for a city maintaining a large park. Smaller businesses typically work for individual homeowners with small to moderately sized properties. Anyone who is considering starting a landscape maintenance business needs to acquire the skills and gear necessary in order to operate professionally.

Purchase Tools

The first step in starting a landscape maintenance business is to purchase all of the tools needed for the most common tasks. It is important to understand that some standard retail power tools are not a good investment for professionals and will break quickly if used for long hours every day. Commercial outdoor power equipment is designed to be durable and is able to handle long hours of daily use. Professional weed eaters are just one example of something that every maintenance company should have. Professional weed eaters come with a powerful motor and strong lines that remove weeds, trim grass and create edges for as long as is needed.


It is important that everyone who is going to be performing landscape maintenance knows exactly how to use the commercial outdoor power equipment that was purchased. This involves proper training for workers and testing each tool to check exactly how it works, as well as learning the limitations of each piece of equipment. Workers who do not know how to use commercial hedge trimmers might make mistakes because the operation of the specific trimmers is not fully understood. A poor understanding of the commercial outdoor power equipment that is being used will produce unprofessional results.

Learn About Lawn Care And Landscaping

Many landscape maintenance businesses do more than just trim grass and hedges. Complete lawn care and landscaping services need to be concerned about how plants grow, watering requirements and the differences between popular types of plant material that must be managed regularly. This involves learning some basic gardening techniques, the life cycle of the different types of trees and plants as well as some information about the climate and weather in the region. Some states require a pesticide applicator’s license for commercial use. When used together, this knowledge will help when determining how short to cut grass, when a tree needs to be removed and how much fertilizer or other treatments that a lawn needs. Just a small amount of this type of knowledge and training will enable a landscape maintenance business to offer more services to customers.

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