AWE Industries Develops Water Solution to Address California’s Water Crisis


Technology Uses Wind to Provide Water with No Negative Environmental Impact

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Given the current water crisis in California and impact that it has on municipalities, farmland, and developers, people are looking for answers. AWE Industries has the solution. Based on years of development and testing, AWE (Atmospheric Water Extractor) Industries has developed a system capable of producing utility scale water for consumption and fertilization using the wind—and is looking for entities seeking to utilize these systems which can produce up to 300 million gallons a year.

Says Allen Jones, the developer of The AWE, “By utilizing existing technologies we are able to harness mother nature to bring a lifesaving product in a very simplistic way. The technology can be used to address global distress and make a lasting contribution all over the world. Climate change has a direct effect on water supply which has a direct effect on global stability.”

California’s Water Crisis

In California, the snowpack is at an all-time low, which is critical to our water supply, the state’s 1,500 reservoirs are at 50% of their usual levels. In March the U.S. agriculture secretary, Tom Vilsack designated most of California a primary disaster area and Governor Gavin Newsom declared drought emergencies in 41 of the state’s 51 counties in July.

The AWE functions as a large dehumidifier, operating in wind speeds as low as two miles per hour extracting water from air. One system can produce one million gallons of water a day on a footprint of no more than an acre. For additional context, Catalina Island has a rolling population of between 3700 year-round and 10,000 during peak times and uses 250 million gallons of water a year with the average American using 32,000 gallons annually one AWE unit could supply this population annually.

The Atmospheric Water Extractor has been in development for over ten years and has been awarded U.S and other global patents. Mr. Jones has over 30 years in the utility industry and has held management positions with San Diego Gas and Electric as well as a managing partner in large water treatment operations in Arizona.

As the global water crisis and climate change threaten the State; Director of Business Development MK. Boston is excited to introduce this paradigm changing solution to the market. “Every living thing on the planet needs water to live and we have discovered a way to produce this life saving compound on demand without any adverse environmental impact.”

For a visual view of the Atmospheric Water Extractor view and for more information on AWE Industries please visit

Source:  AWE Industries



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