Hyundai Motor Company Extends Warranties for More than 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Hyundai Motor Company today launched a warranty extension policy for its vehicles worldwide, which includes America’s Best Warranty for customers in the United States.

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A Young US-based Startup has Launched an Initiative to Bring Relief to Residential Home Builders, Remodelers and Construction Companies Who Have Been Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

The construction management software startup, BuildBook, has begun offering up their product for free as part of their larger Build Better Together initiative to help support small businesses in the construction industry during the crisis

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Blowout Pal Helps Families Continue Celebrations Safely Without Spreading Germs During Quarantine and Social Distancing

Blowout Pal has launched its revolutionary product to protect families during celebrations by limiting the spread of germs from special moments like blowing out your birthday candles. Blowout Pal, made from acrylic plastic, protects the cake from germs and bacteria transferred by the guest-of-honor while also acting as a dual-purpose kitchen food cover to protect and store food between celebrations….

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“Wash Your Hands” (Coronavirus Song) Going ‘Viral’!

Health Awareness Song Going Viral LOS ANGELES, CA — Tiffany Stiger AKA” Hott Kitty Kat” is the singer-songwriter of the ‘viral’ song “Wash Your Hands (Coronavirus Song)” that encourages all of us to wear a face mask and wash our hands to protect us from getting or giving the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This song is a health awareness song, that encourages…

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Hyundai Hope On Wheels Expands Its Support For COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing To 11 Children’s Hospitals With $2.2 Million

Each center to receive $200,000 grant to support COVID-19 coronavirus testing FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March 27, 2020 – Today, Hyundai Hope On Wheels® (HHOW) and Hyundai Motor America announce expanding COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Centers to 11 children’s hospitals throughout the U.S. and grants totaling $2.2 million. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a particular threat to children with cancer, many who…

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