The Consequences of Our Inactions

    The Consequences of Our Inactions By Dr. Tim G Williams The world today is too small for nations to resort to petty squabbles that have always had reverberating consequences for their nations populations. In fact they have had drastic after effects for the whole world. The United States is not alone in exasperating global conditions. But, we have…

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Stop Blaming Video Games for Violence

  Experts feel that politicians should stop blaming video games and movies for violence in America. The topic was revisited in the aftermath following the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida last month, after a nineteen year old gunman shot up a local high school and killed seventeen people. According to a Virginia Tech expert, Jimmy Ivory, research has provided very little…

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St Croix, Invisible to the World, Thanks to the Media

I’ve debated with this question for years, ‘If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?’ I’ve flipped-flopped for years, “Yes, it made a sound and No, it didn’t.” But after the lack of coverage during and after the devastating effects that has crippled St. Croix by Hurricane Maria, I will never debate (with that question) again. Yes, if the tree fell in the forest, it made a sound. Even though there is lack of media coverage of this disastrous storm, yes, Maria wrecked St. Croix.

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